What’s happened to several of my friends is that there is very little time for sex because of dealing with a baby and the chances for sex are so rare that they figure they didn’t need to go back on birth control quite yet, then the one time neither they nor their husband are not exhausted and they both happen to be in… » 4/20/15 7:23am Yesterday 7:23am

Ice is a type of speed. There are, in fact, many drugs that could be called “speed.” You only did it once so the odds are you didn’t do any long term damage. I’ve done pretty much every drug known to mankind at one point in my life and I will say that pretty much all speed based drugs are not something anyone should… » 4/18/15 7:44pm Saturday 7:44pm

For gay women, Montpellier, France where I live is a really good bet. It has a higher percentage of gays and lesbians than any other city in Europe. Women kissing other women (and men kissing other men) in public is very common and because gays and lesbians move here from other euro countries you’ll have a wide range… » 4/18/15 6:11am Saturday 6:11am

If he's at all experienced in dating he probably assumes you've Facebooked and Google stalked him. Is there a woman out there who doesn't if they are interested? In general I find that these days when I first hook up with a woman she knows about as much about me as women used to by date 6 in pre-Google days. » 3/29/15 9:16am 3/29/15 9:16am

That coming up from behind thing happens all the time in the gay clubs in the city I live in. I wonder it that means it's just something dudes do, or if somehow the guys who do it in straight clubs have picked it up from gay clubs. » 1/29/15 7:32am 1/29/15 7:32am