I'm doing marketing for a gay dating site at the moment and part of that is having a profile and seeing how people interact on the site. The dudes are just as bad there - so it's not just a woman hating thing. The number of messages I've gotten that simply read "u suck cock?" are astounding. » 10/27/14 1:14am Monday 1:14am

Breaking News: Team sports, particularly football, create rape culture, bullying and domestic violence! And, they are taught in our schools - who seem to wonder why these problems exist! Sources suggest that perhaps focusing on academics and getting rid of the types of programs that reward male aggression and violence… » 10/20/14 3:21pm 10/20/14 3:21pm

Showtime Presents - A Pro Rape Episode Of Homeland

Ok, why the fuck aren't there a million blog posts this morning pointing out that Carrie essentially raped a student last night and the show played it off as an erotic thing? Is it because it was an attractive woman doing the raping? Because the victim was Muslim? Because people can't get it into their heads that… » 10/20/14 8:16am 10/20/14 8:16am

I've had to delete underage pictures from a site I moderate. It's for bears who are into twinks. These guys often like to brag by posting pictures of themselves with their boyfriends. Sometimes the pictures show boyfriends who are obviously not yet 18. (Like, they are wearing high school T-shirts. Or the guys will… » 10/16/14 6:53am 10/16/14 6:53am

What? You want women's shoes to be made for comfort - the way all men's shoes are? Jesus, it's like you think women are human beings and not just unthinking machines sent here by God to civilize men by tempting us with your ass raising heels into becoming fathers against our better judgement. » 10/15/14 5:14pm 10/15/14 5:14pm

I remember once when I was about 20 slipping during doggy style and leaving the right orifice and going into the wrong one on the way back in. So, it is possible to fuck up. That said, the incredible negative reaction I got from my girlfriend at the time made me much more careful in the future. I was not that… » 10/12/14 6:55pm 10/12/14 6:55pm

When I was growing up my stepmother decided that it was anti-feminist for her to do any cleaning and therefore he role would be to supervise my dad and I after she made a list of cleaning chores we should do. If I wasn't perfect at any of the chores she's slap me around a bit. I also had a hard time maintaining… » 10/11/14 6:09pm 10/11/14 6:09pm

Mr. Information - Blown Away

Every so often on my Live Journal (shut up you youngins with your Facebook and Ello) I get asked sex questions from readers and respond to them. I figured I'd post the latest question and answer here in case it can help anyone else. » 10/11/14 7:19am 10/11/14 7:19am


I'm 45. Several of my female friends and my female lovers are in their 40s and match most of the "Cool Girl" thing as described here. The difference is that none of them pretend to like sports because all of them have realized that sports leads to higher risk of rape, so they have given up trying to be nice to guys… » 10/08/14 2:29pm 10/08/14 2:29pm